I am an actor residing outside Boston, MA and recently signed with Take 3 Talent!
Moving to NYC 2021

I have a B.A. in Theatre Arts: Performance from Western Connecticut State University. Coached, directed, and taught by Richard Ercole, Tim Howard, Michael Bartoli, Sal Trapani, Pamela McDaniel, and others!

I am training continuously in online Master Classes and with Acting Coach Anthony Aibel. Recent classes have been with Adrienne Stern and Diana Doussant through AMCNYC, where I am now an Administrative Assitant under Myla Marino.


New project with Dorobantu Film and Televison- presently taping remotely 

New exciting project with Greenlake Productions- April 2021

Columbia in Rocky Horror Show with Greene Room Productions- April 2021

recent projects

Vivienne Kensington in Legally Blonde with Opera House Players- Feb 2020

Claire in Six Flags New England's original show Holiday Wishes- Dec 2019 



Who am I: My Origin Story

Hey there,

I grew up in New Milford, CT. Home of the cutest parks, trails, and the weirdest mascot literally ever- the Green Wave. It was supposed to represent rolling hills, but it just looked like asparagus.


 My curiosity with theatre started at a young age. I knew I was wild, weird, and free. Free to make people smile, laugh, and cry out of frustration at the sheer amount of sarcasm that could be packed into a tiny body. Tiny me with my face glued to the VHS of CATS playing for the tenth time in a row, performing every part. I auditioned for a production in my town looking for a child actor. I was told I would never make it. I vowed since that day, my first rejection, honestly the lowest point in my 7 year old life, that I would do whatever it took to share stories.

Then, the tiny girl grew up and had intentions, goals, ambitions, and wasn't so "tiny" anymore. 

Middle school came and I convinced myself that acting was for beautiful rich people. I would never make it. I did the shows in middle school, but it wasn't the same. It wasn't "cool". I focused on becoming a math teacher instead- my way out. Then my world changed forever.

At 15, I started passing out on the floor after spouts of pain every time I ate food. I became afraid of the uncertainty of which food could cause me to collapse. So I just stopped eating. I developed an eating disorder out of fear. After finally getting to a doctor, I received the diagnosis. Crohn's Disease. I wasn't sure how or why it developed. I was only sure of the unbearable pain that would wrap itself through my entire body at a moments notice. Crohn's became my whole world: tests, medicine, pain, weight problems, depression. I was drowning and reached my lowest point.

Then, Theatre and comedy came back and saved my life.  Crohn's had taken over my life completely at a time where I was also struggling with sexual abuse at home.  I escaped the abuse and started my couch hopping journey. Theatre became an escape from the world. I could be someone else with no weight on my shoulders. I wanted to do this for the rest of my life. I went to college with no home, 3 jobs, and the infatuation that performing meant being someone other than me. I was excited to put the old Amber behind me, to never face her again. I could now focus on making people laugh and smile.

I was very very wrong. Through my training with Western Connecticut State University, I found that I was part of every character I tried to hide behind. I could no longer be afraid of who I was. I had to embrace every happy moment, every dark moment, all of it. If I wanted to truly tell stories and create art, I had to accept every part of myself. There was -and is- no better feeling than being able to step into a character's mind and not only reach an audience, but myself, too. I wouldn't be who I am without the struggles, the pain, the disease. I trained with the new mindset that I was -and am- a wonderful, integral part of these characters' stories; just with a different name.

I graduated and received my BA in Theatre Arts: Performance in 2019. It was the best decision of my life and I learned more about myself in those four years than my self-discovery phase in middle school. I couldn't have done it without my friends and professors who gave me a home when I didn't have one. I am grateful for every crappy circumstance that was thrown at me; I rose above it. I accepted and learned to love myself: my disease, my laughter, my sarcasm, my depression, my independence, my thick thighs. All of this makes up beautiful me. 

I finally found my purpose and my passion. My passion is truth. My purpose is to make you feel something truly and deeply honest within yourself. Something you didn't think you could feel, in a way you never thought was possible. I bring written words to life and I strive to perform for people ready to open up their hearts, and minds. To laugh, and cry, and scream, and just feel.

So, if you're ready, then I'm ready. Let's be lemmings and jump off the cliff of creativity together.

~Amber Levine


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